About our travellin' houses:

In the saison 2008, the 30th all in all, we offer you different kinds of busses. in my fleet are 8 busses:
2 OLDIES , mark BÜSSING, built in 1961 and 1964. These busses have 12 beds and 4 seats upstairs and 2 beds and 16 seats downstairs.
3 busses, mark MAN, built 1979 and 1984. These busses have 18-23 beds and 4 seats upstairs and 21 to 23 seats downstairs.
1 bus, mark MERCEDES, built in 1984. This bus has 20 beds and 8 seats upstairs and 5 beds and 19 seats downstairs.
All these busses have a fully equipped kitchen with stove and refrigerator. They don't have aircondition, but the windows can be opened and there are ventilators.
Next saison, we put very comfortable coaches, mark SETRA on the road. These coaches have 16-18 beds and 8 seats upstairs and 16-20 seats downstairs. There is aircondition and the maximum speed is 100 km/h. Also we put TV, Video and DVD in the coach. There is also a fully equipped kitchen and a toilet as well. These coaches can travel during the passengers are sleeping in comfortable beds. We are able to put a trailor behind for bicycles, surf-boards or kajaks etc.
Oberdeck 2
Everyone has the same bed all over the tour. We don't need to build beds out of the seats.
We use to stay on good campsites, where you can use the showers and other facilities.
Since 23 years we have the experience of touring in Europe. Our drivers know the spots of interest in the main cities as well as in the countryside. You can decide where to go and where to stay.
NO strict program!
But you have to help to prepare the meals and clean the dishes and keep the bus clean inside.
You charter the bus only for your group, no matter whether your group exists of 10 or 100 or more persons. Then you charter several busses.
We will work out a trip, especially for you or we will give you some ideas.