Itinary for a 4-weeks-tour in Europe
1 day Arrival by plane in Frankfurt, travel to Heidelberg
2 day travel to Paris
3 day Paris
4 day travel to the South of France, Canyon de l'Ardeche
5 day Avignon with the pope palace and Pont du Gard
6 day travel to Barcelona, Spain
7 day Barcelona
8 day travel to St. Maries in the Camargue, an unique resort in Europe
9 day Camargue with flamingoes, white horses and gypsies
10 day travel to Antibes and Cote d'Azur
11 day Antibes, Nice, Cannes, Monte-Carlo
12 day travel to the Italian Riviera and Pisa
13 day stay at the beach
14 day travel to Florence
15 day Florence
16 day travel to Rome
17 day Rome
18 day travel to Pompeii and Sorrento
19 day Sorrento
20 day travel north along the Adriatic coast
21 day travel to Venice
22 day Venice
23 day travel to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
24 day Lauterbrunnen, top of Europe
25 day travel to Lucerne
26 day travel to Munich
27 day Munich with the Hofbräuhaus
28 day travel along Rothenburg to Heidelberg
29 day travel to Frankfurt to the airport
This itinary is only an example what could be done on a 4-weeks-tour!